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Our Facebook Group Moderation service can be adapted to suit your needs on a full time, out of hours or ad-hoc basis.

Whichever option you choose, our goal is to help participants fall in love with your organisation.


All of our partners can expect:


Expert group moderation

We celebrate and encourage your participants throughout the challenge whilst maintaining a safe and supportive environment. We create a space where everyone feels empowered to discuss their own reasons and motivations for taking on your challenge.


It's important to us that we work together as one team rather than as two separate entities. Our moderators will reflect your charities tone of voice and values. 

Self sufficiency

Our experience means we can promptly resolve all queries to reduce pressure on your staff. This includes reviewing and updating GivePanel when required.

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As fundraisers, we know how valuable a prompt thank you can be to supporters. We create and deliver an effective messaging strategy for your challenge to improve supporter experience and uplift average fundraiser value.


"Using Helen and her team for the on page Facebook messaging is fantastic, they always do a superb job and it’s so easy to communicate with her.


She really gets what we are doing and always has advice and tips to add value."

Hannah Gripton, Events Fundraising Manager

On Page Messaging Client

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Our Facebook Group Moderation Training is being developed with smaller charities in mind.


Training will include:

•        Full overview on Facebook Challenges,

•        How to effectively moderate a Facebook group,

•        Effective content, engagement and participant support.


You will also be given access to:

•        Ongoing Slack support to ask questions and advice for the duration of your challenge,

•        Comprehensive FAQ's,

•        A core content plan to get you started.

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