Alderson Fundraising has worked with high-profile regional, national, and international charities to deliver a high-quality service in all aspects of fundraising.

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Our portfolio of clients highlights the stellar work we have done across our range of services. Below, we have outlined some of our roaring successes to give you an insight into what working with us is like.

Facebook Challenge Management 

Well known for their flagship offline mass participation events, St. Oswald’s Hospice were struggling to replicate this success with their in house virtual events, finding them to be a drain on resources in exchange for a poor ROI.


Seeking advice to solve this problem, we developed the concept of their 100km in July event. We carried out full project management and worked with the fundraising team to deliver the event. The event was a huge success, raising over £40,000 and surpassing both net and gross income from the previous five mass participation events. 

GivePanel Account Management

Working closely with Samaritans to manage their Facebook fundraisers, we joined their campaign to help maximise income, manage capacity, and build long term relationships with participants.


We developed an effective messaging strategy, testing different options to see what would work best to maximise income and data capture. We helped reduce their workload, while increasing their average fundraising total and trebling their data capture.


Struggling to recruit enough people for their first ever overseas challenge, we began our work with Traidcraft when only 3 of 15 spaces were filled. Leveraging our expertise, we quickly developed a marketing strategy, which was made even more difficult by the restrictions of the ongoing pandemic.


Despite the obstacles, we navigated them through the process of delaying the trek, facilitated the ever-changing logistics of travel, and developed strong relationships with the trekkers. In October 2021, we were delighted to send a full team to complete the challenge and raised over £30,000 for the charity.

Fundraising Strategy

Friends of Tynemouth Outdoor Pool approached to us to create a comprehensive fundraising strategy for a £6m capital appeal to redevelop an outdoor pool.


By researching potential funders and how other outdoor pools secured their funding, we developed a detailed understanding of how they could leverage local support and tap into larger pots of funding. We reviewed historic giving and interest in their cause, and developed a number of realistic concepts to use as part of their appeal. The result was a thorough and realistic fundraising strategy complete with clear action points, timelines and various budgetary options.

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